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bak bakflip cs combo tonneau cover / truck bed rack kit
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Bak® BAKFlip CS Combo Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Rack Kit

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Product Description
BAK® BAKFlip CS Combo Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Rack Kit
  • Combo truck bed cover and rack in one
  • Easily removable rack
  • Custom fit designed for your truck
  • Total BAKflip HD Cover or BAKFlip F1
  • Both parts remove and install separately
  • Heavy-duty rack capacity up to 500 lbs.
  • Versatile tie downs for variable load handling
  • Added security and protection

Truck owners already know they own some of the toughest vehicles on the road, and they use those trucks for just about any kind of hauling job imaginable. Now, add a durable truck bed rack kit or a truck bed cover, and that tough truck just got even better!

You dont even have to choose between the rack kit or truck bed cover €” you can have both in one easy-to-use product: the BAK®BAKFlip CS Combo Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Rack Kit! This combo cover and rack make the perfect addition for anyone who uses a truck for work, play or any other type of hauling.

This functional and fashionable cover and rack combo offers amazing versatility. You can order your BAK® BAKFlip CS Combo Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Rack Kit with either the BAKFlip F1 cover or the BAKFlip HD cover, and both come with BAKs three-fold flip design.

These covers are also made to last. The panels on the HD tonneau cover feature heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum, powder-coated black to give you a beautiful and rugged finish designed to protect your bed and resist rust. The covers also hold up to 400 lbs. Plus, because you can stand on the cover, you can easily access your rack when you need to shift the truck load.

The strength and durability factors dont end here with the Tonneau Cover. The racks are crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel and, like the covers, are powder coated with black. They hold up to 500 lbs. and are easily shifted to adjust to your loads.

Toughen up your truck with the functional and stylish BAK®BAKFlip CS Combo Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Rack Kit.

3 Years Warranty length is 3 Years.
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