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bak revolver x2 tonneau cover
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Bak® Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

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Product Description
BAK® Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover
  • Hard-top rolling cover
  • Vinyl finish to protect against water
  • Aluminum construction for durability
  • Holds up to 400 lbs.
  • Flush mount to blend with truck bed
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Full bed access from both sides
  • Easy clamp installation with no drilling
  • Durable marine grade vinyl with leather-like grain
  • No stitching or velcro
  • 3-year warranty

You use your truck for a lot of things. From work, to play and getting away, your truck is always there when you need it. So, maybe its about time to get your truck a little reward: a new truck bed cover from BAK. Like this BAK®Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover, which features a hard rolling cover that sits flush with your bed and offers both protection and good looks.

This hard cover features a patented locking rail system that offers full protection to your truck bed and is practically impossible to break into. The strong and durable aluminum slats offer excellent security that would deter even the most determined thief. Set aside your former worries about the safety of your cargo.

With rails two times larger than average-sized rails, these offer both superior security and performance. Not only will bad guys be deterred, but inclement weather and moisture wont be able to penetrate your truck bed, either. That means no matter what youre carrying, it will be safe.

The BAK®Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover is also very easy to use and install. Despite its hard-top cover, it still easily rolls up when you need to access your load. Plus, you can roll it up from either side of your truck with the handy automatic slam latch. This design also makes it easy to secure the durable buckle straps when rolled up.

It also comes with heavy-duty hardware built three times heavier and thicker than the original BAK®Roll-X cover. Theres no question that the BAK®Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover will improve any truck beds function, feel and look!

3 Years Warranty length is 3 Years.
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