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bak rollbak tonneau cover
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Bak® RollBAK Tonneau Cover

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Product Description
BAK® RollBAK Tonneau Cover
  • Aluminum construction design for durability
  • Included drain system
  • Easy access to stake pocket holes
  • Felt lining provides quiet and smooth ride
  • Automatic spring tension operation
  • Multiple locking positions for versatility
  • Easy installation with clamps requires no drilling
  • Will lock with locking tailgate
  • Smooth, black powdered coat finish
  • Fits flush to bed
  • Constructed in the U.S.
  • 2-year warranty

Built with a series of connected aluminum slats, the BAK®RollBAK Tonneau Cover features an attractive design and a durable build. This easy-to-use truck bed cover rolls up into a spring-loaded canister that is easy to open and close from both sides of your vehicle. Plus, the smooth-glide Teflon rails make the cover even easier to use.

The aluminum slats on this truck bed cover are only a ½-inch thick, but don't be fooled by the small size. They interlock to form a durable, strong and rigid surface that protects your cargo no matter what kind of conditions you drive in or where you go. If that doesnt convince you their tough then maybe their weight capacity will. These slats can hold up to 500 lbs. of evenly distributed weight, which makes your hauling capacity even greater.

The sturdy aluminum slats are so svelte, you enjoy a very low-profile, sleek look and keep almost all of your beds loading space! The BAK®RollBAK Tonneau Cover is also compatible with most other truck bed accessories for even more convenience.

No matter what you need to haul or where youre taking your load, youll find the BAK®RollBAK Tonneau Cover to be an excellent addition to your truck bed. It wont be long before youre wondering how you ever survived without it.

2 Years Warranty length is 2 Years.
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