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covercraft block-it 380 custom fit car covers
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Covercraft® Block-It 380 Custom Fit Car Covers

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Product Description

Protect your vehicle from all of the elements -- dirt, moisture and sun -- with the surprisingly affordable Block-It 380 Car Cover from Covercraft. This three-layer material features a moisture barrier, a filter for airborne pollutants such as dust and pollen and a final moisture barrier to ensure that your cover doesn't end up with mildew damage.

Why Block-It 380 Car Cover:
  • Three levels of protection, at an affordable price
  • Made with Kimberly-Clark's newest moisture barrier film
  • Water drops are stopped dead, but moisture can easily evaporate through the microscopic barrier holes
  • Soft-touch material will not damage your vehicle's finish

Click HERE for installation and care instructions for your Covercraft Vehicle Covers

Warranty length is Three Year.
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