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covercraft ultimat dash covers
covercraft ultimat dash covercovercraft ultimat dash cover colorscovercraft ultimat dash cover colorscovercraft ultimat dash cover colors

Covercraft® Ultimat Dash Covers

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Product Description

Keep your vehicle looking tight with Covercraft's UltiMat Dash Cover and you'll never have to worry about what people are thinking as they step into your vehicle for the first time. We call this the "UltiMat" because it's pressure molded into one piece of fabric in just the right configuration for your ride. 

Why UltiMat:
  • The Ultimate in fit and style for your dashboard
  • Available in a range of 10 different colors from black and gray through blues and browns
  • Durable, non-shrinking needle punch carpet protects your dash from UV rays
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Warranty length is Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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