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husky x-act contour series
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Husky® X-act Contour Series

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Product Description

When Husky says that their liners are "Guaranteed for Life", they aren't playing around! These insanely strong X-act Contour Mats were made with you in mind, so there's no need to be careful with them. The soft, cushy liners add comfort to your ride while the nearly indestructible strength means they can handle whatever you throw their way.

Why X-act Contour Mats:
  • Laser-cut and measured to ensure a perfect fit -- every time
  • Cleaning procedure: yank, dump, spray...and repeat. Husky X-act contour mats fold for easy insertion and removal
  • Stay-Put cleats put your flooring mats on lockdown so they're not shifting underfoot
  • Soft and gentle, yet tough as nails -- these Husky X-act mats won't let you down
For more details: Click here Warranty length is Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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