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covercraft reflectect custom fit car covers
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Covercraft® Reflectect Custom Fit Car Covers

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Product Description

Bright sunlight is enjoyable to drive in, but it can really do a number on your vehicle's exterior finish and interior color -- fading it much more quickly than you expect. If you live in a particularly sunny climate it makes sense to invest in a car cover, and the Reflec'tect Car Cover by Covercraft offers you the superior UV blocking and cooling factors that you need.

Why Reflec'tect Car Cover:
  • Water resistant to repel dirt and dust and protect your exterior
  • Lightweight sun protection that is easy to put on and remove
  • UV-reflective silver colored finish keeps your vehicle cooler
  • Full 3-year warranty offers extended protection for your investment

Click HERE for installation and care instructions for your Covercraft Vehicle Covers

Warranty length is Three Year.
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