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covercraft weathershield hd custom fit car covers
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Covercraft® WeatherShield HD Custom Fit Car Covers

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Product Description

When you need superior fade resistance, water resistance and an eco-friendly car cover option, the Covercraft WeatherShield HD with 300 denier fabric is the solution. The maximum performance in harsh environments means that the fabric isn't quite as silky as some brands, but you can rest assured that it will keep your vehicle safe.

Why WeatherShield HD Car Cover:
  • Ideal for long-term storage situations, for either indoor or outdoor use
  • Fabric sheds water impressively; it rolls directly off the fabric and never touches your vehicle
  • UV degredation is reduced by a special formula additive
  • Special fibers hold their color longer and resist fading

Click HERE for installation and care instructions for your Covercraft Vehicle Covers

Warranty length is Six Year.
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